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About Seven Sisters

      This is a picture of me and my friend, Karen's, shih tzu.   Her name is Honey Bear as you can tell by the dog biscuit I am feeding her.   I went up to dog sit for Karen (a Deputy District Attorney and my inspiration for Amanda Landry) who had just finished a trial and was going on vacation.   She had told me about this particular crime while she was working on the case and said I could read through her research books.   I became so fascinated by it that I changed my whole plot in the middle of the book.  I had a grand time with Honey who is the perfect writer's dog.   She sits at your feet and keeps them warm while you write.

      This is a picture of the real Churn Dash, me and one of his owners, Clare Bazley.   He was born around the same time I was writing Seven Sisters and Clare and I came up with his name which is both a quilt pattern and a name that sounds fast!   I visited him twice during his "growing up" years when he was boarded in Paso Robles.   The horse blanket he is wearing is a Churn Dash pattern made in the Bazley Racing Stable colors of tan and navy blue.  The horse blanket/quilt was made by none other than Tina Davis, my very talented webmaster.   Don't worry, we only put the quilt on Churn Dash's back for the picture. 

      This is the picture of the real Figaro, a barn cat owned by my friends, Clare and Tom Bazley.   He had been a long and faithful companion to them (starting out as a barn cat and graduating to their house cat).  He died while I was writing Seven Sisters.   I wanted to immortalize their very good friend by making him a character in my book.   This picture shows him sitting on a saddle, like a good respectable barn cat should.

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