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Earlene Fowler

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About Sunshine and Shadow

The idea for this plot came from a “what if” in my own life.  Many times that’s what starts a story for me, the question “what if?”  My husband, Allen, and I grew up in the same small bedroom community of La Puente, California. (He was born in Kansas but came here when he was six months old.)   La Puente isn’t a large town.  Back when we were kids it might have had twenty-five thousand or so people.  But there were lots of kids and LOTS of schools.  So, though we lived in the same town, went to the same city park, saw fireworks from the same bleachers every Fourth of July, both went to (different) Southern Baptist churches, we didn’t meet until we were fifteen years old.  My parents left First Southern Baptist Church of La Puente (probably because of a church split—Baptists love to split off and make new churches) and started going to Immanuel Baptist church (about two miles away).  I met Allen in Sunday School.  Over the years we’ve speculated about how we’d probably run across each other’s paths many times over the years before we met.  How weird is that to think that you’d be standing next to a kid at the Little League game snack bar and not realize you’d eventually marry him?

That’s what got me started—what if Gabe had crossed Benni’s path years before she met him after Jack’s death?  Sunshine and Shadow started with that solitary question.

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