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About Goose in the Pond

  When I was writing my first novel, Fool's Puzzle, I was working part-time at the Huntington Beach Library in California.   I worked first in technical processing and then in the children's department.   While working in the children's department I became acquainted with the library's full-time storyteller.   She was the one who encouraged me to write about the storytelling world.   Until then I didn't even realize there was a storytelling world!   But like quilt guilds, they have their own guilds, conventions and a wonderful magazine.   She told me it would be a wonderful place to have a murder because there is a lot of emotional people and competition in the storytelling world.   I also warned my fellow library employees that someday I was going to set a mystery in a library.   I put those two things together and out came Goose in the Pond.
        The library I describe is actually the Huntington Beach library, not the San Luis Obispo library, mostly because I knew it better.   We really did call going down in the basement going to the "pit."   In my imagination I placed it on a bluff overlooking Laguna Lake (a real lake in SLO) even though there are no bluffs there.
        The relationship between Gabe and his son was easy to write even though I don't have children because I've known my husband since he was fifteen and remember those fights he had with his father!   Some things never change and a son trying to become independent from his father while still clinging to him is one of those things.

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